Heating Repair and Maintenance Services

Stay Warm This Winter With Professional Heating Repair and Maintenance Services!

Are you searching for a licensed heating specialist in Chicago’s Northwest Suburbs? Simply Comfortable Heating & Cooling offers Heating Repair and Replacement Services on all makes and models of furnaces, heat pumps, and heating systems. While heating systems are a major appliance and represent a sizable expense, don’t put off repairs or replacements – you might find yourself without heat when you need it the most! Many homeowners shy away because of the cost and the inconvenience of having a news system installed, but the results are well worth it.

Don’t let the winter chill of Illinois hit you without access to heat. If you are not sure what option is best for you, in terms of Heating Repair and Installation Services of a brand new heating system, our experts will guide you to the right path for your home heating system needs! We provide standard and high-efficiency services.

Heating Repair and Maintenance Services - Zach's HVAC
Heating Repair and Maintenance Services - Zach's HVAC

Residential Heating Installation & Service Repair

Act now so you won’t need to worry about your heating system breaking down during the cold winter months. When you choose to repair your current heating system or replace it, you’ll be prepared for comfort all year round – especially during Illinois winters! The professionals at Simply Comfortable Heating & Cooling are qualified to diagnose the issue quickly and discuss your options. Whether you need a simple heater repair or an entire system replacement, we can assist in getting your home warm in no time!

Signs That Your Heating System Needs Repair or Replacement:

  • Your Heater is 15 + Years Old
  • You’ve Spent Money on Repairs With Poor Results
  • Your Heater Is Too Noisy When Operating or Produces An Odor
  • Your Heating System Is Not Providing Enough Heat
Heating Repair and Maintenance Services - Zach's HVAC

Benefits Of A New Heater

  • Despite the initial cost of having a new furnace installed, you will end up saving money long term!
  • A new furnace comes equipped with all the latest energy efficient technology, so your heating bills will be lower!
  • If you’ve been pouring money into repairs to keep your old furnace going, those expenses will stop!
  • A new furnace is a big selling feature and will raise the value of your home!

Keep Your Employees And Customers Warm!

Is your heater nearing the end of its life cycle? If your heating system has been acting up or has stopped working altogether, it is time for a replacement! While it’s true that a new heating system can be a major business expense, it’s also a major investment in your company. Getting a new heater also means your older model has been replaced by a newer, more energy efficient model that will lower your heating bills!

Factors To Keep In Mind For Replacing Your Commercial Heating System…

  • Age – It is recommended to replace heaters that are 15 years and older due to efficiency improvements.
  • Frequent & Extensive Repairs – If your heater is constantly needing repair, it may be time for a new installation and replacement.
  • Noise – When your heater is struggling to keep a warm temperature, it will be noisy.
  • Comfort Issues – Uneven temperatures could indicate a need for heating replacement.
  • Unsafe Operating Conditions – If you have cracks or holes in your heater, this is unsafe. You need immediate replacement.

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Heating Repair and Maintenance Services - Zach's HVAC

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