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Stay Cool With Our Air Conditioning Installation & Service Repairs

Your Air Conditioning System is what keeps you pleasantly cool during hot summer days in Illinois. If you are having problems with your unit or simply want to replace your older system with a new, energy saving model, we can help! The technicians at Simply Comfortable Heating & Cooling are trained to perform Air Conditioning service repair and installations for homes and businesses. We have ComEd rebates available!

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Air Conditioning Repair and Installation Services - Zach's HVAC
Air Conditioning Repair and Installation Services - Zach's HVAC

Should You Repair or Replace Your Air Conditioner?

Deciding between repairing or replacing your air conditioner can be a difficult decision to make. At Simply Comfortable Heating & Cooling, Our technicians are here to give you a second opinion and discuss  your options. Although replacing your air conditioner may seem like a huge investment, it may be better than continuing to pour money into a system that starts becoming more of a financial burden.

Here are some reasons you should replace your air conditioning system:

  • Replace If Your Air Conditioner Is Over 15 Years
  • If the Repair Costs Are Too High
  • If Energy Bills Keep Rising
  • If It Has Lost Efficiency and Has Trouble Keeping Up

Call Us If You Are Experiencing Any Of The Following Problems:

  • The Unit Turns On But Is Not Producing Cold Air
  • The Unit Is Making Unusual Noisy Sounds
  • The Unit Is Not Turning On
  • The Unit Turns On And Shuts Off After A Few Minutes
  • The Unit Is Emitting A Weird Odor
  • Your Home Is Not Getting Comfortably Cool
Air Conditioning Repair and Installation Services - Zach's HVAC

Our Air Conditioning Services Include Service and Installation Of:

  • Central Air Conditioning
  • SpacePak Air Conditioning
  • Package Units
  • Rooftop Units
  • Heat Pumps
  • and More!

Are You Ready To Install A New Air Conditioning System Or Repair An Existing Air Conditioner? Contact Us Below Or Book An Appointment!

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Our Customer Service Guarantee

Are you frustrated with recurring heating and cooling problems? Is your air conditioner or furnace giving you regular problems and you just can’t seem to get the issue fixed? Now you can enjoy fewer interruptions and greater home comfort with help from Simply Comfortable Heating & Cooling. We deliver superior quality service at everyday affordable rates. Contact us for more information or request an appointment today!

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